[Jigoku Shoujo] Hone Onna by Arisa

Posted: 8月 31, 2011 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

First cosplay photoshoot after a long hiatus.
Well, possibly the first and also the last photoshoot during this short stay back in Malaysia.

Testing..Testing. Lol.

My gratitude goes to Arisa, thank you for inviting 🙂
To MissHermes and Cherrie for being there. Nice to meet you Cherrie.

The place ain’t too shabby, methink.

Now..Due to the long hiatus..It is undeniable that my photography has become so rusted that I am not in any shape of taking good photos anymore so please bear with me.
Despite of that warning I gave to Arisa, she is okay with that so, I appreciate that.
Also to Hermes who had a little problem with waking up early (giggled), agreed to tag along, thank you.

Taken by Hermes!

Last but not least, Cherrie who has always been the ice breaker throughout the session that kept the session interesting.

At first we thought of doing the shoot in Bukit Jalil park but that place is so overused so we decided to find another place with Japanese tea house.

Yep..This. You can actually just scroll down just for a bit and see that post lol.

Unfortunately though, due to the time shortage, we did not have such luxury so we went for this Templer Park in Rawang instead.
Haven’t been to a jungle for almost a decade, so it was pretty interesting and refreshing.

Through out the session, I have less than 50 clicks in total.
And upon filtering, There were less than 20 photos left. Epic failure lol.
Well, all that said it actually turned out to be better than what I had expected, least the natural light there was pretty good and flash wasn’t even needed.

Anyway..here goes.








And..that’s about it.
Thank you for viewing!

Once again, thank you Arisa, Hermes and nice to meet you Cherrie!

  1. Cherrie Yap より:

    Awwhhh I’m so touched to know that I’m the ice breaker. :DD haha. Yes, its a pleasure to meet you too. Your pictures are greattt. Superb! 😛 At least it’s way better then mine. >.<
    Sensei! If ever you're going to events or photo shoot, mind bringing me? ;DD hee.

    PS : Your pictures are seriously awesome. ^^

    • Kuzuryu より:

      Thank you lol =)
      I can answer your question regarding photography but you should just take them as a grain of salt.

  2. ズーシン より:


  3. Kuzuryu より:




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