5th of July 2010

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5th July 2010, today is my 21st Birthday.
Somehow things just got into my mind and I decided to write something.
Well I’m just gonna write what I had in my mind in the bus, and to remind myself of what great stuffs I have with me now.

Just got back from Singapore, Cosfest wasn’t bad at all. =D
I was in the bus, bored after a while and I remembered something, Digi has free access to facebook via 0.facebook.com lol.
So I punched in the URL with my phone.
Got some birthday wishes from a bunch of friends.

Think back, how did I got those friends again?
2 years, in this short 2 years, I’ve met a lot of people, did a lot of stuffs with them, and I’m really glad about it.

All thanks to Haruji, someone that I’ve met in a forum, and I still remember how we met, it’s through some discussion in an Anime forum and somehow, we got to know each others more with MSN. That was on end of 2006, right after I finished my SPM lol. And then..well we didn’t really meet up but we chatted a lot about animes and Warcraft 3 Dota lol, had a lot of fun doing stupid and funny stuffs with his Kok Gang. Well, until 2008, Haruji introduced me about TheFigureMall, it’s a online figurine shop runs by Kevin Choo, and there’s a chatroom in the site, well I knew I won’t buy any figure so I wasn’t really happy about knowing the site lol. At November of 2008, there’s this new event in Singapore called AFA (Anime Festival Asia) and TFM organized a trip for it, I joined them.

It was my first Anime related event, and where I bought my first figurine, and where I gotten into Photography somehow..lol.
After the event I became active in the chatroom, started talking a lot with the people in the chatroom, lots of meetup and events.
I’m really glad that I’ve met them. Well of course, there’s some annoying one for example like Quaz who would goes on and talk a lot of stuffs that others people don’t really wanted to know and etc, but still, I’m happy that I knew him.

Photography. If not for this, I won’t get to know so many friends, so much more than I ever had when I was in Secondary School. Back then all I did was just sitting in front of the computers and games whenever I’m free, lifeless aye. But, because fo photography, I began to talked more and became more active in real life.
I really enjoyed for this 2 years, thanks to Valho, the person who brought me into the world of photography. It’s him who taught me so many things about photography.

On 2009 July, Daicon, an event held in Cyberjaya University, I met Rina and Ryukku, whose somehow made me realized what I’m actually looking for in my photos.
Then after the event, I’ve started going to some private photographing sessions, and from those sessions, I met more friends, and I’ve enjoyed photographing even more.

EDIT: Just a little bit of updates.
Cilok-ed from Misao lulz. Taken in Daicon, 2009, 15th of July.

(Generally I don’t like being photographed in any sort but, I just realized the importance of it being a memento of the past..)

Man..I really missed these days..I wish I could fix it…

EDIT II : Oh I found this in my flickr rofl xD

I was thinking, well, even if I can’t celebrate my 21st Birthday, but what does it matter?
Funnily when I was reminiscing of what happened in this 2 years, my tears dropped. (Luckily makie was sleeping lolol)
I guess I’m just happy enough with the fact that I’m born to this world, knowing so many friends who will give a damn about me.

I don’t believe in “wish”.
Well because, if it’s true, there won’t be anyone who will suffer in this world.
Reality have taught me that.

However, if a wish could come true, my wish for this birthday, it will be
“Well being and happiness of all my friends and people who I know”
I don’t want or need anything else, if that wish alone can be granted.

If you have read everything until here, I thank you deep from my heart and I appreciate it. =)
Once again, I’d like to say thank you to you all who have cared about me.

  1. Aiko より:

    NO MENTION ME! ;-;
    *sit at corner and cries*

  2. makie より:


  3. makie より:

    no name lagi good, see mine…pop out cuz i’m sleeping…lolwut

  4. loonsave より:

    u pretend sleep, izit. then use tissue wipe his tear. XDDDDDDDDDD

  5. SQ より:

    makie mayb got that photo, using to blackmail if shit happen

  6. Hexlord より:

    Happy belated birthday wor. ^^

  7. WAN より:

    i m really glad i read this ^^



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