Epic Dorama @ Fagbook

Posted: 4月 4, 2010 カテゴリー: Random

I know, this blog is suppose to be a blog about photography and what I’m about to write is not suppose to be here, but man, I gotta write something about it.


“Pit Fun Fun SHiTTY pPL aLWaYS LoOK LiKE shIT…XD”

To be frank, I’m not too sure what exactly happened but I’ve read some shit and I know my brain is fucked, and yeah, it’s epic (Or stupid, really)

Okay so the story starts with Aiko, who sent Cassandra a PM…


Imagine if I ask you to wear that to attend a funeral.
And wanna bet you’ll be flung out? And even if you don’t get to be flung but do know the word “RESPECT”?
It’s not making any sense.

Cassandra and her fans, are defending rigorously, alas, all those are pointless defending like..




Yeah, LOL

Like, seriously? Is this how you suppose to run a business?
I never have my own business so I can’t comment much BUT, common sense please.
Have you ever thought why would people criticize you? If you are doing a damn good job I believe there is really no reason people would go and say something negative about what you are doing.
How is criticizing wrong? It’s not stigmatizing you see, you have to know the difference between “Criticize” and “Stigmatize” or perhaps, “Advice”.
If something is wrong and people voicing it out so that you can improve, isn’t that beneficial to you?

Cassandra, claimed that she is the ORIGINAL DESIGNER of this dress.



But…lol, guess not.

Of course, the argue point “They mass produced that dress using her design!” is valid too.
Yeah? Prove it.

Actually, you know what? let me do it instead so I can save you some time.
epic claim

And this suppose to be the “Original Draft”

I dunno..What does that puny photo tells. Maybe someone can tell me.

Anyway, that’s as far as I know. Here’s the summary.

On a side note, if you wonder who is that on the heading pic..
I don’t really wish to comment much but..sigh :/


Again, talking about yourself?
I concur,truthfully. And I think most of the SANE person on this earth would too.
I don’t care you are famous or not.
I don’t care you’ve been on newspaper or not.
I don’t care you’ve been on TV or not.
I don’t care you’ve been interviewed by who and whatsoever.
And certainly, I don’t give a damn about who you are.
I just know, you are a disgrace to Malaysia.

No offense.
I’m deeply, and sincerely sorry if I said anything wrong in any way.
Again, my apologies.

For some obvious reason the whole topic was gone, for obvious reason. /Tee Hee.
Too bad for those who are interested, but be glad you just avoided a disaster.

In case there there is anyone who is interested and brave to enough to read the extraterrestrial language..Here’s more of it.

The “Ground Zero” is wiped! For what reason..it’s up to your imagination. 😀

It’s mind blowing! I didn’t you know you can run a business in this way!
I’m sad, seriously. I weep for the future of Malaysia.

PS: I’m gonna sue you if you are not happy with my opinion! I sure know what to do when I start my business now 😀


And by the way, I know this post is perhaps pointless and stupid and I don’t need YOU to tell me that, I know what I am doing and I am doing it despite all that.
Keep your complaint to yourself. Or Imma sue you!


I’ve stopped and had this post downed. But apparently the “Fun” want to continue. I’ll do my part then.
So..the latest update..


Apparently, he sent me a PM, and sorry, I am not disclosing it as it’s a PM and its suppose to be Private. You know, I’m not that cheap.
Anyway, describing what the content is, however, another story, right? /giggle.

In short he PMed me asking me about photography and I turned him down. That’s all.
Yes, I am a photographer. (A hobbyist nontheless)
Yes, I love cosplayers.
The rest..If you believe what he write is correct, by all means, despise me.

PS: And for god’s sake, that’s my father’s phone number. l2read.

The story continues here.

  1. Aiko より:

    first! loldramaislol.

  2. Evangel より:

    they have too much free time to kill which is why flies flying around their shop in the shopping complex.

  3. Jon より:

    Don’t make me or i sue you ah. LOL

    Bad service indeed.

  4. Jon より:

    Oh God. Typo. wwwwwwww

    Don’t make me angry*

  5. KK より:

    Karam Service available at cheap price

  6. Hexlord より:

    Hmmm… interesting, heh.

  7. franstormer より:

    i loled 😀

  8. Sichiri より:

    hI I LiKe TYpInG lIkE tHiS BeCaUSe iT mAKeS mE KiNDa cOOl ANd sPEcIAL!1

  9. Jun937 より:

    my brain just died

  10. misshermes より:

    Oh MaI gAwD i Am NoT fAmOuS sO i HaVe tO wOrShIp FuN(tired of typing this way omg wtf so tiring can? this person must have a lot of free time) in the hopes that he will rub some of his ‘famousness’ to me!!! Then I can become famous as well!!!!


    I have never heard of this guy till today.


    • Kuzuryu より:

      I know right? LOL
      Even if he is famous..you know…you can probably tell why he is famous. :X

  11. KyoruMizuruki より:

    Kuzuryu> Thanks for posting up this drama. I can finally re-read and re-read to laugh whenever i feel down 😀 Btw, i need to hear your opinion.

    Did i went ‘Dr. House’ too much? XD

    Hermes> Actually, i think Fun is a waste of talent. He’s a rich man’s son, has excellent art skills, capable of piercing, and has the passion to modify (or prolly just buy) stuff to bring out the fashion. But because his attitude/personality and ego made him (in my words) the LALA-KING, he has failed =(

    • Aiko より:

      more like due to casandra. i heard he was much more sensible before he was with casandra. due to casandra’s rule by force and dominating personality, that changed fun. a previous drama that was related with casandra, fun supported the “truth” side, end up casandra was super angry or something. so after that, he HV TO support casandra no matter she is right or wrong.

    • Kuzuryu より:

      You are most welcome =]

  12. Kyril D. Soul-X より:

    swt lala mui vs cosplayers

  13. Merrinette より:

    I like this.

    LOL shallow people with their typical cina-bengs thinking.

  14. Kei より:

    lol dorama epicness. And lol at that Fun Fun guy saying you guys bring down the standard of Malaysia when he’s speaking like that. Seriously how can people stand typing like that? You either need to on caplocks on and off or pressing Shift on every letter you type.

    • Kuzuryu より:

      If he is really that well-known and famous, he would probably type in a diplomatic way that human can read and understand.

  15. razrig より:

    i lol

    haha ^^

  16. Devilene より:

    ahahahhaha…. thx Kuzu for the summary of the whole drama XDDDD its awesome.
    Yeah, I know of Him long ago when i was still in friendster. he was alright… I guess the king is ruled by the queen D= My respect for them went down d drain. I am not afraid to say i once followed that fashion, although i never followed that attitude. O_O I actually looked up to him as he is someone that dared to be different, and thus giving me the semangat to be different too. But alas, i have no respect for him now..

    • KyoruMizuruki より:

      “”I actually looked up to him as he is someone that dared to be different, and thus giving me the semangat to be different too. But alas, i have no respect for him now..””

      ^ Ditto.

    • Kuzuryu より:

      Welcome 😀

  17. Sichiri より:

    I guess love can really change a person huh? XD

  18. Ryukku より:

    the first thing that came to my mind when i see that ‘i will sue u!’ was…
    ‘SILENCE, I KILL YOU!’ by achmed


  19. Devilene より:

    mine is more like : OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!! by the red queen…

    Yes love can change people, but i was hoping for change for the better instead of the worst…

  20. Muginoi より:

    you know what…
    you guys can stop pestering with them. Since they HATE us educated ppl and said we are BANANA minded. Lol i didn’t knew our heads where made of fibre.

    So why they hate educated people? Coz we kept bursting their bubbles and always slap them with reality? Coz we can see what they do wrong and their egos are too big to get corrected so they will rage and act childishly to save their very last bit of ego.

    I RATHER BE A BANANA and EDUCATED than to be someone who IS NOT BANANA and has to struggle through life, live in an apartment, constantly worrying on money, and when they hit the age of 40, they start to get worried on being jobless and when they hit retirement, they get sent to old folks’ home coz of lack of money.

    I RATHER BE BANANA and EDUCATED to have education, go through college and university, find a job, even if i get retrenched, i can get BETTER OFFERS with my diploma and degree. I get to goo vacation with my company. I get to live up to 50 and still have a steady income. When retirement hits, i have my steady EPF to cover the rest of my life and lay into my coffin nicely with a smile.


    • Kuzuryu より:

      Well said, Muginoi.

      Anyway, I’ve made my stop, but apparently someone wants to continue and accusing me.
      Now, I can’t just sit and watch anymore can I?

      • Muginoi より:

        Dude if he really have a lawyer, i’d doubt that he could win. Based on the law, from what i see. He can sue any of us here with one section ONLY whereas we can counter sue and claim him at 15 aspects NOT INCLUDING SLANDER.

      • Kuzuryu より:

        That’s why, I’m challenging him for the obvious reason.

  21. Tetradact より:


    Serious Fucking Buisness.

  22. Muginoi より:

    i think his lawyer would accept the case. If i have a client that is asking me to accept this case, hahah i would be glad to help in counter sue and sue back again for what they did.

    Heck, the china online shop can even sue them for misuse of branding.
    The model of the pictures she used can even sue them back for permission prohibition.
    PunkRave company can even sue them for misuse.
    dude… i can go on and on..

  23. makie より:

    if KK not so busy, they already karam long time ago…haizz…XDDD

  24. KK より:

    did some1 mention me??
    abit slowpoke here but it still the best dorama of the year

  25. SAKUYA より:

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH love the last part~ your father phone’s number!!! now i waiting another story~ the SUE story~

  26. onigiri より:

    whoa!! epic dorama!! =D its…..really mindblowing! =D

  27. Flanegan より:

    They don’t know how to grow up…..

    reality slap haven’t hit them again..

    Funny somehow with this kind of ‘less emotion control human being’

    If got another update about the phone that will be very interesting man!!

  28. Exiled_Gundam より:

    Hahah dun play-play with Kuzu’s dad, later yakuza rains down on thee 😛

  29. Setsuna-san より:

    Awesome dorama post. Much lulz were had.

  30. jcdish より:

    All in all, another case of some close minded, badly dressed, inferiority complex-suffering asswipes feeling the need to lash out at other people because its the only way they can make themselves feel secure.

    So, seriously, what’s with the horrendous piercings? Self empowerment? If-I-make-myself-look-like-that-you-can’t-insult-my-looks-cos-there’s-nothing-left-to-insult? Not to mention the hoRRenDouSlY aNNoyIng rAnDOm CApiTalisatiOn oF wOrDs… an attempt to distract people from finding out your English sucks? Or did you not finish standard one where the rules were taught?

    Normally, internet drama is fun for a few laughs and then I ignore it, but you went overboard when you made it personal with Kuzu. Posting his phone number on facebook? Smart move, numb nuts, we can probably get your account shut down. I’ll leave that option to Kuzu, but seriously, if you want to take it any further, well, you don’t have the brains to deal with us.

  31. Devilene より:

    I vote REPORTING his acc! 8DDDDDD end of story

  32. Muginoi より:

    why report. He can make a new account anyway. I suggest report to the government and get them to arrest that monster hhhaha since Cyber Law is not reinforced XD

    • jcdish より:

      I’m sure he can, but oh imagine the humiliation if facebook really does shut down his account. He’d have to get more piercings and completely cover his face before he can face the world again.

      Man in the iron mask, 2010 remake.

    • jcdish より:

      Heck, maybe he’d have to get his ass pierced, to, you know, cover it. Every time he sits down he’ll bounce a lil from the pain.

  33. Hangmen より:


    What else can I say?

  34. Merrinette より:

    Owh lol , i thought it has stopped.
    One thing that I dont like, they support without knowing the truth or they just support blindly because they’re friends / know each other.

    I can only see them saying the same thing, nothing else besides.
    They think banana / english educated people are nonsense but they do not know how nonsense are them as well.

    Somehow, I feel kinda disgusted with some of them.
    Calling people childish but they do not know how childish and idiot-looking are them by doing all those nonsense.

    Anyway, hope it’s gonna stop soon because it wont be going any far, things just stay there and going a round, waste of time.

  35. Quazacolt より:

    just saying hi. since so femes ady. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    seriously though, like really seriously, i dun have fag book, and post like this convince me further that i shouldnt.

    oh and a big |=|_|<|< Y0|_| for having that shit speak associated to 1337 speak, yes sprout, i am watching you.

  36. Eien より:

    I just got mindfucked by the post…..

    oh gawd, I’m usually not a person who judge a book by it’s cover, but HOLY HELL, I’d automatically stay a 1000000 feet away from these ppl >.>a their FB display pic is horrendous as hell

  37. Sichiri より:

    59 comment and counting. Wow.
    keep it coming bro. 😉

  38. 另你讨厌的路过人 より:

    ladies and gentlemen,

    If those ppl FB display pic is horrendous as hell, then Loli fuck by VK d AV movie is enjoyable as up to heaven la.

  39. Eien より:

    Well, i honestly haven’t seen any of the said stuff you mentioned, but yes, their dp did bled my eyes to a stupor

  40. somebody より:

    feel so funny about their reply ,,XD hope can comment more at the fb status topic …XD..really cnt believe tat is ppl like tis is around …

  41. Junnie より:

    Okay…. OxO I am absolutely speechless…
    Nowadays doramas are getting more & more epic…

    What’s with the whole ‘banana educated people’ thingy?
    I am Chinese educated, I can speak decent English & I have a decent mind!
    Seriously, they are the ones who bring down the image of Chinese educated Malaysians…

    To all the comments here, kudos & well said~~^^
    Kuzuryu, good luck in all these chaos, you seriously need it XD

  42. SMN より:

    you know what. it is these kind of people that brought the image of chinese people down the drain. Dont these people know that because of what they wear, and they act like such can only prove their stupidity into the minds of the public norm of the world?

    I mena, come on. Think about it. The moment they slish slash bout their idiotic pride of VK and lolita, it only shows how rude they are. If they want to say that we are not rude, prove to us that they are not rude first! You dont see us calling them a cibai lanjiao. They called us cibai lanjiao first. Then they said we were rude first? This blasphemy is idiotic.

    anyway. The admin of the bon odori group is so fucking cool. She is a cosplayer herself and she is opposing the idea of cosplaying at bon odori. Cool man!



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