May’n BIG WAVE! Asia Tour 2010 @ Malaysia

Posted: 3月 8, 2010 カテゴリー: Events

First thank you Hermes for the free tix XD

Thank you haruji for picking me up =)

No photos for this post from me lol.
The queue wasn’t impressive but I’ve heard there are some Japanese fans started queuing at 12pm o.O

We arrived there around 6.30PM, and have no intention to queue at all -.-
Instead, we were waiting inside the convenient shop beside the queue for the aircond lol
7pm something they opened the door and we proceeded into the hall.

The hall is pretty small, we just stayed at the barricade that is furthest to the stage and we still get to see the stage quite clear.
The concert started around 8:05pm but fans were screaming at the empty stage for some unknown reason since 7:30pm -.-

I must say, the numbers of people who attended the concert was not impressive at all, but the spirit is there! I can feel it XD
As soon as May’n appeared, the screams were scary, my ear went numb.

May’n has gotten a lot slimmer and sexier XD
Last I saw her in live was AFA08, back then she was kind of chubby lol
Her singing is very powerful though the sound system was a bit failed, the pitch is so high that my eardrum is bursting >_<

Few notable songs were all from Macross Frontier like Welcome To My FanClub’s Night! , Northern Cross, Infinity and Lion, the scream is louder than others songs lol. The performance was good overall, May’n and hers dancers were doing very well.

The most notable song imo, is “XYZ” May’n gave a small “tutorial” to us on how to do the XYZ dance and she was sooooooooooooooo cute
XD She goes “nya nya nya nya nya nyan!” LOL

Before the last song she gave a short speech, she cried tears of joy, it was so touching >_<

To those who spent RM198 for this concert, I guess it worth every penny because, you get to see May'n in a very close distance. (The hall is small)
And the performance is very damn well too 😀
(And for us who have the free tix, its a very very very lucky day XD)

Thats all from me, I'm not a good writer and I don't know how to express my feeling in words but I just wanted to say that the concert was awesome!

PS: I might update the post with some photos from official photographer.

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    no wall of text, so much BS lol

    and the dedication japanese can put out. i can never match up with them. /respect
    oh wow, ur send button is in japanese too lmao


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