AFA 2009 Regional Cosplay Competition

Posted: 12月 9, 2009 カテゴリー: Events

The regional cosplay competition, one of the main events in AFA09.
The cosplaying were awesome. Though, I’m not really happy with the results. lol

AFA09_Stage 01
Kaname as one of the three judges

Didn’t take much photos cause most of the time I’m just enjoying the skits.
Sorry for the bad and incomplete coverages.

Well anyway, some photos and my thoughts.

First group, ST Revolution
AFA09_Stage 02

Well, costumes is well done, skits is mediocre but the singing wasn’t bad.
Overall I’d say it wasn’t bad, but not good enough to impress someone.

Second group, Sakai no Gumi
AFA09_Stage 03

The costume were fine, skits is very funny lol, but only if you understand most of the internet memes haha.
Especially the Kanye’s “I’mma let you finish..” that really cracked me up.
A minus is that, all the speecehes were pre-recorded, would be much better if they speak it in real-time xD

Unfortunate for them, I don’t think all the judges understand them so..Tough luck.
But very good try nonetheless, at the very least this is the most funny skits I’ve ever seen =)

Third, Endless Illution
AFA09_Stage 04

AFA09_Stage 07

AFA09_Stage 05

AFA09_Stage 08

AFA09_Stage 09
This, is definitely the MOST awesome cosplay costumes I’ve ever seen in my life.
The moment they came up to the stage, viewing them through my camera’s viewfinder, all I could think about is “Oh my goodness, this is just simply amazing”.
I was almost affirmative that this group would win the Grand Prize or at least the Special Prize for the costume making efforts.

I mean, just look at the amounts of detail on their costumes and weapons, it’s soo insanely detail and well made!
Though, skits were mediocre, I wouldn’t say that it was good but, well, it isn’t bad either, just ordinary I guess. But the fact that they still can swings and move around with the costume and props, proved they are really well made.

Fifth, 00 Emotion
AFA09_Stage 11

AFA09_Stage 12

AFA09_Stage 13

Okay, this cosplay is very nice and rare as well, the efforts of making the costume should not belittled.
However though, while I’d have to admit and agree that this seet of costume is not easy to be made but I must say, the scale ratio is wrong and, bear with me lol, there isn’t much detail.
There is no decals and panel lining, this gives a very big negative remark imo, it just looks like some flat looking gundam boxes, well better than boxes I suppose.

The skits, I must say though, it sucked right down to the pit. Sorry but this is what I really thought of.
The partner was..bad, and the video seems like some kind of parody to me >.>
And when the gundam coming you’d thought he should be flying out (I know, it’s impossible but that’s what the feeling the video gives) but instead, we see him hoping lol (To be frank, i burst out of laughter at that moment).Well, can’t be help, there’s lot of parts -.-
First swing, one of the GN drives fell, second swing, another one drop. Are this suppose to happen? lol
I mean, the gundam won’t be able to move without the GN Drives =.=
I guess the judges didn’t know about this as well..

AFA09_Stage 15
Trans-Am is very impressively presented
Overall I’d say, great effort of making the costume but a big minus for flat looking boxes without details.
Skit, bad. -.-

Fifth, Fushin Engi

Sorry lol, did’nt manage to take any photos for this group cause I was enjoying the skits XD
Both of them are very cute lols.
Skits were fine, relying bit too much to the pre-made animation.
They did made it nicely though, watching them walking is a bliss lol.

Sixth, the infamous Alodio and Ashley.
AFA09_Stage 16

AFA09_Stage 18

AFA09_Stage 19

AFA09_Stage 20

AFA09_Stage 23

AFA09_Stage 24
Costume wise, very well done, and the tank too, lol
Skit is good as well, smoothest and fastest action movement among all others cosplayer group.
The moment where the LED lighten up was really epic!
Very impressive I’d say.

That’s all for the performance..
AFA09_Stage 36

Albeit the result is not very pleasing, but this was indeed the best cosplay competition I’ve ever been to!

Thanks for reading.

  1. Hexlord より:

    Nice coverage and review of the competition. ^^

    I was quite impressed by the Indonesians as well, but our Malaysian side the skit is damn funny one lar… haha. XD


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