AFA 2009

Posted: 11月 26, 2009 カテゴリー: Events

Largest and most crowded event that I’ve ever been to!
Sadly though, due to the insane crowd, I did not manage to take much photos (Didn’t feel like photographing lol), so my coverage will be very tiny :/
Should have really take some photos of the crowds..It was really insane, it’s even hard for you just to move around = =
So I just ended up walking around and enjoy the event (Crowds too, lol)

And well, since I didn’t take much photos, I’ll just make one post for both days about the event and a separate post for the regional cosplay (Also incomplete coverage tho >_<)

Well anyway, photos are very mediocre and nothing really special..
Here goes..

First thing I went into the hall, I saw Danny Choo xD
AFA_Day_1 02
Asked for photographs and he is so polite and kind! =)
Didn’t get his autograph though, hope to see him again soon!

AFA_Day_1 03
BRS that has been delayed for ages lol

AFA_Day_1 04

AFA_Day_1 05

AFA_Day_1 06

AFA_Day_1 07

AFA_Day_1 09

AFA_Day_1 11

AFA_Day_1 12

AFA_Day_1 13

AFA_Day_1 16

AFA09_Day_2 02

AFA09_Day_2 04

AFA09_Day_2 05

AFA09_Day_2 08

AFA09_Day_2 09

AFA09_Day_2 10

AFA09_Day_2 11

AFA09_Day_2 12

AFA09_Day_2 13

AFA09_Day_2 15


That’s all for now, I might be updating this post later.

I’d conclude that, it’s the best event that I’ve ever been to but the insanely huge crowds is a big turn off lol.
Thanks for reading!



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