Hatsune Miku @ Cyberjaya MMU

Posted: 10月 26, 2009 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

Thank you Angie for the session! ^^

Well, I don’t know you well so I don’t have much comment, but good cosplaying!

You have a great and natural smile but ermm, you should try different way of smiling and doing some others facial expression.


It is perhaps due to that I took quite a lot of photos of yours, so lot of them looks repetitive, sorry for that :/

None-the-less, you looked nice =)




This one is nice XD













OTL @ the reflection..






Last and imo the best through out the session! ;D

Click here to view the rest.

Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoyed them!

  1. angie より:

    ahh~~ so fast upload already~~ very nice~~ thank you very much~~XD
    n thanks for the comment~ i still a newbie in cosplay n photoshot, need more comment n advice to improve~~ i will practice more~~ thanks ^^

    • Kuzuryu より:

      Welcome and thank you =)
      Hope you liked and enjoy them, if you want them in full resolution or without the watermarking, do let me know ^^

      I’m sure you will do better next time!

      Oh by the way, I’ve added you in Msn.
      My MSN email is..evocarlvii@gmail.com

      • angie より:

        i had accept u in msn already~ thanks for add~~~
        i want all the photo~~ very nice XD
        can u send me by mail? thanks~~

  2. kluxorious より:

    oh she’s cute and really does looks like miku. who the heck was that in the 4th picture? O_O

  3. Quazacolt より:

    “that 1D fella”


  4. Evangel_Lim より:

    The most moe Hatsune Miku I ever seen comparing to AniCom, Angie you looks really moe, plus with Kuzuryu’s excellent photography skills. (:D)

  5. AmaneSakura より:

    ohhh mai waifu… soo pretty as usual :3

  6. Hexlord より:

    What a nice Miku cosplay! I wonder who she is ^^

  7. misao より:

    i try to find somtehing constructive comment but can`t think of anything haha
    but my opinion is you should start learning some photoshop stuff also because you got all the basic stuff cleared already and you gears are all the finest in market
    with some extra efford your pics can turn from great to superb
    i currently reading this handbook about portraiture and the last 3 chapter of the whole 12 chapter of the book covers about post processing skill aka photoshopping skill so I can conclude that post processing is also important in photography especially when we doing it digitally

    anyway sorry for appearing in your pic, its a lesson to us though to be careful when doing photoshoot in glass area, look around first and go halau everyone that might reflected into your photo LOL

    • Kuzuryu より:

      Oh my, your opinion is constructive enough =)
      I myself wouldn’t say that I’ve get every basic right, I’m still working on it.

      I do minor photoshopping, but yeah anything advance then I have no idea already lol.
      I’ll go find a book about portrait photography soon!

      It’s alright about the reflection, I don’t really mind actually 😛

      Thank you.

  8. KazuiKori より:

    Thank you very much for the upload! I LOLed so hard on the 4th pic because my face looks so silly! xDD Miku taking my sake~! xDD

    Thank you very much -bows-



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