TAF 2009

Posted: 9月 27, 2009 カテゴリー: Events

I don’t have much to write about it, sorry :/
To be frank, I didn’t even feel like taking my camera out during the event, though I did take it out after I see Valho taking his camera out -.-
It was kinda small, though crowded. Not much cosplayers, explained why I took total of only 30 photos throughout the events. (Am very sorry for being a very picky photographer :/)

Lol at the vignetting -.-“

The deepest impression that TAF gave me was, ear fuck.
The speaker volume is so damn loud that it hurts my ear, what are the audio engineer/tuner doing? I believe it’s not too hard to turn the damn volume down abit right?
But then again I know nothing about it so never mind :/
I pity the vocal though, they have to shout just to be heard, their voices are overwhelmed by the freaking noisy instruments. /sigh.

Well anyway, Some photos taken during the event. Please do not expect any good one, I didn’t have the mood to photograph during the event, sorry >_<

Well, I must say that at least they tried providing a place for photographing, but god, those are spotlights meant for stage usage, it feels like 12 suns are blazing that section =.=” Nice try anyway.

Valho’s Iron Man and John Connor. Out of place but still awesome

This is very badass looking Reno lol

This is also very badass looking Dai

Another badass



Very nice looking Mikuo!

Guki and Megumi

Finally, the coolest pose ever!

That’s all from me, I’m very sorry for the photos :/
Thanks for viewing.

  1. SQ より:


  2. mamoru より:

    u still have great shoot lar~

    i know how it feel~me mostly go take many random pic b4 can have mood take pic in there

    mikuo is too cute >/////<

  3. Kamaru より:

    XD didn’t bother searching for pics of me till now lol. Thanks for the very bad ass pic 😉



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