Hatsune Mikuo @ TAF09

Posted: 9月 27, 2009 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

Thank you for accepting my request! (Though somehow a lot of random photographer just appeared out of nowhere -_-)
I’m honored to be allowed to be your photographer. =)

This is just awesome!

Sorry but I don’t know your nick or name but, very nice cosplaying, you definitely have the awesome face expression!
Though, too bad the photographing session lasts not more than..err 5 minutes?
Cause I just remembered you did 5 pose, fortunately I snapped them all properly so I guess that’s alright ^^

Anyway..Here’s the photos. (albeit the best one has been used for heading..lol)





Hope you enjoyed it!

Uhh if you (the cosplayer of this Mikuo) did visited my blog, I’m very thankful and hope you can leave a comment and email so perhaps I can contact you for a private photographing session next time..:]

Thank you for viewing!

  1. mamoru より:

    i think her name is felli~maybe just a nickname~

    she is freind of aster~

  2. kakachang より:

    hey kuzuryu! if someone hadnt forward this to me i wudnt hv know…haha. im honourned to be your model too and great job in the photographing. i really like it very much! sorry for leaving halfway without even saying thank you to you. sorrrryyy….

    • Kuzuryu より:

      No problem, so long you visited this site, I’m happy =)
      Thank you for liking them too 😉

      It’s alright, maybe I shouldn’t even have asked you, you were the committee after all, sorry about that. You said thank you larr haha, I’m fine with that even if you didn’t.

      Thank you!



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