Ar Tonelico @ Sg. Wang

Posted: 9月 21, 2009 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

Thanks for “kidnapping” me this time xDD
Thanks Ryukku and Arisa for allowing me to be your photographer ^^ (Or the other way around? LOL)


Well anyway, awesome and very daring costume Ryukku 😀
Arisa looks nice in Misha’s costume too! =)

As you would expected, the lighting is not very ideal as well, and the ceiling is black in color and I had no idea how will the flash bounce turns out -_-
But well..Whether the photos are good or not..You folks can be the judge =)

Here goes












Isn’t this two awesome? I can’t helped but to say yes!


Thank you for viewing!
Comments and Critics are welcomed!

  1. WiseFreeman より:

    Ar Tonelico FTW!

    Very nice & lively shots ^o^b

  2. mamoru より:


    i just go emo when see the pic^

    but~♥♥♥…all the pic~i got take some time learning from see u taking pic too^^

    • Kuzuryu より:

      Uhh..Why do you go emo -_-”

      Thanks for viewing but I don’t think I’m the right person you should be learning from, I’m just a newbie photographer that started photographing not more than 10 months..

  3. Hexlord より:

    The set looks alright ^^

    Not sure if its the right setting for the series but you control the flash well 🙂

    • Kuzuryu より:

      Oh god, it’s an honour to be commented by you!
      Thanks for viewing!

      Well, I myself can’t say for sure because what I was doing is using the toned down flash and trying to take the ambient lighting into the photos, so most of them looks very orange/yellow-ish, might be unpleasant to some people I guess :/

      (IMO, the photos would kind of look weird if they are in normal exposure though, that’s what I had in mind while I’m photogrpahing at the scene..)

  4. mamoru より:

    me ish still kinda noob about this photographing thing~

    just start taking pic with my SLR(name it as mewtwo) at animangaki..

    which i just getting myself a SLR camera and actually just start learning by it~

    i just keep learning by some people advice~seeing other SLR photograheer taking pic~

    and some self-learn(just how using manual only ==””)


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