TFM 1st-Gath-Aniversary Gathering. Not.

Posted: 8月 31, 2009 カテゴリー: Random

Most of the people would think there will be photos of the gathering.
And probably will think it happened and held in a Restaurant or at least outdoor.
Unfortunately, no. There is none. (lol)
As, the location, is the Kev’s loli base.

In fact, nothing much to write about it.
I arrive there at 1pm something, start hikki-ing with the rest of the TFM member, play PS2, laptop and some games.
Then we tapao our dinner. Continue hikki session until 3am+, and I’m home, writing this.

Actually I could care less about the gathering.
The true intention of this post is. Nonetheless. This.
Nana 013_resize

Ermmm Well, this.
Nana 014_resize

Nana 015

Nana 012_resize

Nana 011

The box and packing is so darn nice that I don’t feel like opening it -_-
I am so regretted that I did not bought a 2nd unit for collection.
I’m wondering if I should keep it MISB or take it out. lol.

  1. Haruji より:

    Keep MISB then next time cast off it sure GG LOL.


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