K-On Hirasawa Yui @ GACC09

Posted: 8月 17, 2009 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

Hirasawa Yui at GACC 09! (GACC 09 both days photo will be up shortly)

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 09_RSED
Moe power >9000

First, thank you Ryukku for the session ^^
Hope you’ll like them.

Location..not too bad but Daicon were better. But whatever xD
Worst thing is the heat outside lol. Hot like hell -__-”

Anyway, here goes.

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 03_RSED

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 04_RSED

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 05_RSED

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 06_RSED

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 08_RSED

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 10_RSED

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 11_RSED

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 12_RSED

Ryukku_Yui_GACC09 13_RSED

I didn’t manage to get Mio’s solo though..Time’s Up T_T

Thanks for viewing.




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