GACC 2009

Posted: 8月 17, 2009 カテゴリー: Events

My first time to GACC, and we have this H1N1 shit running amok, I thought it will be bad.

GACC_09-RSED 069

But you know what? It turned out that, it was the most awesome ACG event that I’ve ever been to in Malaysia! (I only attended CF08, ACGC and Daicon only though)

I’ve plan with some TFM members and decided to go GACC since last month, thanks to philiper we have a reasonably cheap apartment reserved.

We start our journey at 5am. lol. To avoid heavy traffic or the case of “Shit we got the wrong way”. -.-”

Makie was the driver and fetched JCdish, Valho, Squallie and I, time flies when we were together, and before we knew it we are already reached Melaka lol.

And it’s just 7am =.=” We ended up having our breakfast in a Dimsum restaurant from 7am to 10am lol.

We went to MMU soon as Kev is there, and helped him to move his stuff and unpack his Figures. Then, the event starts when we are done.

Hall isn’t big, but the people around is quite a lot too, makes me wonder how will the hall looks like if there is no H1N1 lol.

Both of the Emcee were awesome, I enjoyed and lol’ed so much xDD (The voice over part was LOL)

Anyway, I’m done with the words.

Sorry for some of the bad photos though, I just can’t seems to get the camera setting right in the hall :/
PS: Sorry but all day 1 and day 2 photos are all rojak-ed in this post.

GACC_09-S 01
Hetalia Axis

GACC_09-RSED 001

GACC_09-RSED 009

GACC_09-RSED 002

GACC_09-RSED 005

GACC_09-RSED 014

GACC_09-RSED 017

GACC_09-RSED 006

Gekisou Haruhi and Mikuru
Gekisou_GACC09 11

Gekisou_GACC09 05

Gekisou_GACC09 10

GACC_09-RSED 024

GACC_09-RSED 025

Shidou Mariya!? xD

Yui and Mio
GACC_09-RSED 026

GACC_09-RSED 064

GACC_09-RSED 069

GACC_09-RSED 067

World is mine Miku
GACC_09-RSED 047

GACC_09-RSED 049

GACC_09-RSED 051
Sheryl and Ranka

GACC_09-RSED 050

Cosplaying Performance
GACC_09-RSED 031

GACC_09-RSED 034

GACC_09-RSED 037

GACC_09-RSED 041

GACC_09-RSED 042

GACC_09-RSED 043

GACC_09-RSED 044

GACC_09-RSED 057

GACC_09-RSED 052

GACC_09-RSED 053
What a moment. XD

GACC_09-RSED 056

GACC_09-RSED 058
Do not try this at home

GACC_09-RSED 059
Gundam Yui. lolwut.

GACC_09-RSED 060

GACC_09-RSED 061

GACC_09-RSED 070
Gratz to the winners!

Click here to see the rest.

Conclusion? I want another GACC lol.
With the same Emcee! XDD

Thank you for viewing!

  1. Matsuo Kumiko より:

    Haha~ Awesomeness~ =]

    Oh, by the way, the picture with the title “Lelouch and Suzaku”, they’re both actually Suzakus, the left one is his normal schoolboy version, the right one is his knights of round’s outfit

    Cheers~ 8D

  2. SQ より:

    the conclusion not quaz’s blogcard?


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