My lucky day lol

Posted: 8月 13, 2009 カテゴリー: Random

Okay, 5pm, class ended. Going home as usual. Except with something unusual happened.
So, I’ve pass the Nilai toll, heading back to Kajang, when I’m exiting to the highway..

Normally right, you exit from the left side of the highway after going through the bridge/flyover what-fucking-ever.
So I looked at my side mirror, going to switch to right lane.






I was like, WTF WAS THAT. Okay I did not see what the fuck did this to my Civic’s windshield
But it’s probably a fucking huge stone. lol

Good thing is that Civic’s windshield is dual layer and I had it tinted. -__-
What even better is I had it insured. lol
And fortunately the rock did not landed on my cars bonnet/fender/roof. Else it will be a real bitch to fix >.>

Bah..fucking retarded highway..It’s why I’m so reluctant to drive on Malaysia road. It’s sooooo Adventurous. Fuck.
Better phone up Honda and order a windshield meh.

  1. Haruji より:

    Very Very Lucky Indeed.

  2. Quazacolt より:

    ice cream did it? D:

  3. icyfawkes より:

    lucky you tinted it and insured it LOL

  4. franstormer より:

    This saturday must buy your car number liao 😀 wats your car plate number


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