Air Gear Akito/Agito Cosplay

Posted: 8月 4, 2009 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

Hermes_Akito 095

Cosplay photography session of MissHermes that I had with Valho last Saturday. Was quite a tiring day when I reached home. (From driving LOL)

Biggest lesson I had that day? Please, absolutely, do not trust Nokia’s handphone Built-in GPS and no I’m not joking. Why you asked?

Inaccurate, lame voice navigation that will mis-direct you, extremely unstable/weak GPS signal transmission when there’s nothing up above our head except the car roof. (I’m using Nokia N97 by the way.)

Glad that we made it to to Hermes house =_=

Location…the half built and apparently got abandoned for some reason, nice location though.

Time, around 4pm to..around 7.45pm..

Hermes_Akito 024

Hermes_Akito 031

Hermes_Akito 034

Hermes_Akito 076

Hermes_Akito 078

Hermes_Akito 044

Hermes_Akito 049

Hermes_Akito 057

Hermes_Akito 056

Hermes_Akito 089

Hermes_Akito 083

Hermes_Akito 100

Hermes_Akito 067
Uhh this is the only strobist shot I had, thanks to Valho who let me trying it xD

Hermes_Akito 097

Hermes_Akito 108

Hermes 227
lol my first pull zoom technique ( I don’t know what it’s called actually) attempts..

View the rest here

Gear Used :-
Canon EOS 50D
17-40 F4L, 24-70L, 70-200 F2.8L

  1. makie より:

    u need blog whore more for comments…lol

  2. aSiAn RoCkEr より:

    kawaii!! >.<!!


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