Demonbane Cosplay @ Daicon

Posted: 7月 28, 2009 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

I guess it’s time to complete this draft -.-”
Gotta say sorry that I’ve dragged this long :/

First,  I’d like to express my gratitude to Valho and Quazacolt who granted me this opportunity, and Rina, Misaki and Ryukku who allow me to be their photographer.

Thank you. =)

This post is all about the Demonbane Cosplaying during 2nd day of Daicon, where I was invited to be their photographer along with Valho and Quazacolt and many others random photographers (Supposingly a private photographing session LOL)

Not a bad experience, as I do need to gain more “Field” experience, I’m a complete newbie with photographing afterall, but I must say I’m not amused during the photographing session, Sparta-ing with others photographers is just..tough.  This is the first time that I photgraphs under stress. I mean, well, I’m invited to be their dedicated photographer, but I had problem taking the photos because of the crowds, I can’t compose properly and I keep having the thought of  “How will the photos looks like?” throughout the session.

Bah anyway, it turned out that, the photos aren’t screwed, but they are certainly not excellent :/

Anyway, I’ll stop the talking.

Rina as Another Blood
Rina_Another_Blood 03

Rina_Another_Blood 05

Rina_Another_Blood 04

Rina_Another_Blood 09


Rina_Another_Blood 10

Misaki as Al Azif (Didn’t manage to take much of her photos :/)
Misaki_Al_Azif 01

Misaki_Al_Azif 02

Misaki_Al_Azif 06

Ryukku as Al Azif (Already posted earlier though, anyone gonna agree with me that she looks better with white color hair?)
Ryukku_Al_Azif 10

Ryukku_Al_Azif 11

Ryukku_Al_Azif 08

Ryukku_Al_Azif 12

Ryukku_Al_Azif 09

Ryukku_Al_Azif 01

Ryukku_Al_Azif 02

Al Azif + Another Blood
Rina_Ryukku 02

Rina_Ryukku 01

Rina_Ryukku 04

Rina_Ryukku 05

Rina_Ryukku 06

Rina_Misaka 05

Rina_Misaka 02

Rina_Misaka 07

Rina_Misaka 09

Rina_Misaka 10

Rina_Misaka 11

Rina_Misaka 12
Ending with..Rina’s signature pinching lols.

Alright that’s about it, thanks for viewing!

  1. jcdish より:

    Nicely done. Lets go snap girls at random malls this weekend.


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