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Posted: 7月 26, 2009 カテゴリー: Figure

Phew. Just had a yumcha session/Haruji’s Farewell party(lol) with TFM-er earlier.
Kev handed my Lala to me as well xD.

Lala_Dark_Grape 11

This is not actually a new figure, or rather, old figure with new color. I had a normal version of it, Green and there is a Pink color but I didn’t get it, it got sold anyway.
Well, just finished photographing it. A simple and short one, don’t expect full figure detail/review lol. (It’s a bit NSFW though..)

This is probably the first time I blog photographing of Figure in my room with my setup, sorry for the bad lighting :/  (Only used one desklamp and ceiling to bounce my flash..)


Wishlist : –

1. 2nd Desklamp

2. Seamless Clothe

3. Proper desk and hanger  >.>

Anyway, enjoy =)

Lala_Dark_Grape 1

Lala_Dark_Grape 3

Lala_Dark_Grape 13

Lala_Dark_Grape 7

Lala_Dark_Grape 10

Lala_Dark_Grape 15

Lala_Dark_Grape 17

Lala_Dark_Grape 20

View all of them here

That’s all, thanks for viewing. Good night. /yawn

  1. SQ より:

    nice, patung melampau S class, dark purple



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