Backtrack : Daicon Minorin Q&A Session + Concert

Posted: 7月 19, 2009 カテゴリー: Events

I sorta realize that I did not takes any picture related to the events on Day 2 so I’ve decided to write this post only about Chihara Minori (lol)

Well, First, for the Q&A session, I don’t really remember what they asked that day (But yes I do remember there is one brave man who ask whether Minorin is married or not)
It was very well set I suppose, I mean, well, I can listen and understand to what she said clearly. (Without translating)

Nothing much to say about it since I can’t remember what they asked x_x
Here’s my friend blogs, he blogged about the Q&A in details. Quazacolt’s Blog

Here is some photos of Minorin. (I took a lot of photos during the Q&A session, but all of them are repetitive one so I just picked a few)

Lucky shot of her entrance lol.




(She looking at me? D:)

Well now, for the concert.
I did not take any photos.
So I can just write a bit about my thought.

I’m not a big fans of Chihara Minori, but I must say, after Daicon, I might be one.
I didn’t see the first part of the concert though, cause I handed my pass to a friend of mine, since I need to pack up my figures heh.
I listened her concert from the other side of the blue boards, and I felt so impressive, her voice is so powerful! >_<

After I finished packing, waited a bit cause I can’t get in now, until Kev is back to guard the booth and gave me a free Elite ticket XDD
Well, we got total of 6 Elite ticket gifted by the organizer! (Thank you xD)

Well, when I got in, was trying to look for Valho and others fella, they were sitting at the media side lols.
I then moved to another side to looked for my friend and stood there until the concert ends, cause I think it’s a bit wasteful to sit down and watch heh.

The concert was awesome, though there’s just too much of smoke abusing =.=”
I want to see Minorin man, not smokes -__-”
But still, overall I’m glad that I attended Daicon, it worth all my time and whats best is I didn’t pay a sen lol. Thanks to Kev and Organizer once again.

I lol’ed at the “encore” part lols, even though I knew it didn’t end (cause Minorin’s leaving in a very fishy manners) but I yelled still..
Can’t resist the situation I guess xD

Conclusion. Awesome.

Thank you!

  1. makie より:

    slowpoke pic upload…somehow i like minorin in the 1st pic…

  2. Quazacolt より:

    to clarify a bit: JC posted the Q&A, and the translator (supposedly) commented on it.

    apparently, the guy asked to marry minorin? but im pretty damn sure it was “are you married”. you heard the same as well right? (i mean, my japanese understanding is poor at best, so obviously i could be wrong)


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