Backtrack : Daicon Day 1

Posted: 7月 14, 2009 カテゴリー: Events

Photo not related. But heck, it’s a Hassleblad H3D lol.

Friday was a tiring day..Figures and booth setting up was hell..And it was really hell for the figures >_>
The sun during the afternoon was so bad that it makes the display room hot like an oven and I kid you not, heavy PVC smells filled the room..
Lucky that the organizer was kind enough to let us shift into the event hall. Kudos to them.

Anyway, here goes for the minor coverage of the event during Daicon Day 1 so bear with me.
(And by minor I meant minor, I didn’t do anything others than photographing cosplayers and watching the booth lol)

Most of the TFM member slept at Aiko’s house for the event, we woke up and went to MMU early to finish what we should for the displaying booth.
JC arrived with his figures sometimes after we started sorting the figures position and the tags.

Our scaled figures was arranged without much problem but Haruji need more time to set up his Nendoroids..
But well all is good that it was done without any problem, albeit hall was opened for public.

TFM’s photographer did not waste any time and they have their gears ready soon after the booth was set.
And….That’s is for the event coverage from me lol, since what I did was just photographing after that -___-”

Anyway..Photos time. (And sorry for the minor event coverage lol, but though, I’m not there to cover the event so I don’t really care)

Open Ceremony..


And theres the crowd..



Valho, JC and Ice-Cream queueing up for KKnM lol.

Kyunn xD

Yui + Mio Kyun!








ejump lol

Okay that’s all for now..Gotta sleep..yawn.
Thanks for reading!

  1. SQ より:

    FIRST! ejump sure changed

  2. jcdish より:

    Jesus Christ don’t end with E-jump ffs. Don’t do what Sankaku does!

  3. valho より:

    damn i got stalk

  4. makie より:

    spam comment….hasselblad as cover pics? lulz


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