Daicon Prologue

Posted: 7月 9, 2009 カテゴリー: Events

Two more days. After months of waiting, it is finally here, Daicon!

TFM is kinda..Busy right now, we are busying over the event, since we are the figures contributor for Daicon.

Taugeh is trying to get everything done in last minute lol.

Let see..The “To-Do-List”

To-Do List

  1. Create Labels…..In Progress
  2. Print Labels…..In Progress
  3. Cut Labels…..In Progress
  4. Buy Extra Label Stands…..Ordered
  5. Draft List of Rules (Optional)…..In Progress
  6. Print Display List

Worrying isn’t it =.=”

Last day already and there are still so many “In Progress” lol

Some of us are having some problem with transportation, with loads of course.. -.- ( Loads here means the figures that we are going to bring)

Valho is contributing a huge amount of figures, apparently he is having problem of transportation of them to Cyberjaya MMU..

I probably can help him with my father’s Ford Ranger, that I just permitted to, hopefully it can fit them all.. (shrugs)

As for myself…

I’ve packed my stuffs already so I’m set. Just printed the necessary pass for tomorrow’s early entrance setup too.
Daicon_Prologue 001

Daicon_Prologue 004
Figures packed in the boxes. ( Lucky enough that my mom have some empty boxes lying around in house = = )

Alright, now I need to get my camera gears ready. And dinner. =)

That’s all for now, guess I’ll continue writing after tomorrow’s setup.


The setup was so tiring and terrible lol.

We spent the whole morning to setup our tables and figures until afternoon 3.30pm before we realize that the damn sunlight is slowly approaching our figures LOL

And by right at 5pm our figures will all be hit -__-”

We all tried too block/filter out the sunlight but no avail, we tried hanging banner, sticking some cloths and all..is FAILED.

What worst is the heat, the room temperature, I’d say at least 30-32 Celcius Degree, and air-conditioner is turned on..

Well due to the reason that it’s a centralized air-conditioner, our room didn’t get much of the shares..

It is not possible for us to display in such condition, most of our figure will go lean due to the heat >_< (Imagine, 2 days, lol)

We can even smells the heavy PVC smells from the figure due to the heat. (The room is like a goddamned oventte..)

Lucky enough the organizer agreed and allow us to display INSIDE the hall, which is a lot better. =D

So we resetup our stuffs until night at 8pm, and we already out of space for figures, so much that we have to “karam” some of the old figures out, making way for new or those which has never been displayed in any event before..

Well, that’s it for the short updates!

Time to depart for the event!

  1. Quazacolt より:

    “Hell, its about time”

    – Terran Marine


  2. SQ より:

    i haven’t finish pack T_T



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