Animangaki 2009 @ Sunway University

Posted: 6月 28, 2009 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography, Events

Animangaki_09 034_resize
(The best cosplayer of this event, IMO and you will be seeing her a lot in this post, lol)

I’ll go straight to the point.
Erm sorry not much of misc. photo because 70-200 was attached on my camera all the time..
It was a mediocre event, I’m not sure about Sunday one cause I’m not going, I need to rest lol.

Well, the place wasn’t bad, the lighting is actually good and it didn’t screw my photographing up badly most of the time.
Numbers of people there is just fine, not too crowded, and not to less to makes the hall feels empty.

I wasn’t really interested to go for the event, since I don’t know how to get to there.. ( Meh I’m lazy to explore the road )
Some TFM members are going..So..I’ll go meh, since I can car pool makie’s car, so..

I was going to practice photographing portraits with my tele lens 70-200 to get myself used to it, mainly the weight.
So went for a full time portrait, so the photos you will be seeing..most of them is portrait and some of them are sorta bad cause they are cropped elsewhere like hands/fingers etc when they do a wide posing -_-

Below here are a few of them which I think is nice. The rest of them will be available for browsing in the flickr.

Animangaki_09 002_resize
I know, the color is down right weird -_-

Animangaki_09 038

Animangaki_09 037_resize

Animangaki_09 041_resize

Told you, right..

Anyway, she happens to be one of the very few cosplayer would look at my camera without me raising up my hand to get her attention so I snapped quite a lot, lol.

Animangaki_09 052_resize

Animangaki_09 054
Chibi Sheryl, honest speaking she is very cuuuute in some way 😀

Animangaki_09 055_resize

Animangaki_09 102 RSED


Taugeh seems to be unhappy/disappointed with the event anyhow…Hmmmm

Hmm..Hope you enjoyed browsing the photos =)
They aren’t good, since this is the first time I’m taking portrait with tele lens >_<

Well anyway, thank you for reading, comments on photos are much appreciated.

  1. leehg5925 より:

    Photography FTW =P

  2. ultimaweaponx より:

    nice pictures
    Akita Neru cosplayer is win!

  3. Aoshi より:

    Huh… i hate your lens. xD

  4. Setsuna-san より:

    DAT lens….. nice pics anyhow.

  5. gukichan より:

    ooo 8D I’ll be poking her to get the pics from you? aka Akita Neru =P lol mah junior

  6. Hangmen より:

    If only I brought my military gears to KL, I would’ve cosplay myself.

  7. LilKeV84 より:

    “Anyway, she happens to be one of the very few cosplayer would look at my camera without me raising up my hand to get her attention so I snapped quite a lot, lol.”
    sure lar no need to get attention ^^;; ur lens is HUGE!

  8. misao より:

    akita neru! akita neru!

  9. Quazacolt より:


  10. angie より:

    hi~ im akita neru cosplayer~
    thanks for taking me so many nice picture~^w^~
    i like it very much~~~

  11. Jeskot より:

    Nice pictures Kuz!

    IMO those cosplays are pretty awfull 😛


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