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Posted: 6月 21, 2009 カテゴリー: Random

It’s the awesome game, origins from the PS2 Fate/Unlimited Code!


I’ve been waiting for this game for few months, ever since it was announced xD
I sorta had high expectation for this game, like, new additional system and retain the 60 Frame Per Second smooth gameplay like PS2.
Well simple saying, it’s ported from PS2 to PSP, I wouldn’t say it’s excellent but yes it’s playable and I enjoyed it.


New additional system yes, Reflect Dashing which allow you to cancel or eliminate the combo finishing delay so you can continue to chain another set of combo which is awesome. The only negative I have for this game is, 30 Frame Per Second -___-
I absolutely believe that PSP have no problem handling this game at 60 FPS but maybe with some lag but I think it’s good, we’ve seen the game God of War which have more than 3 – 4 animating objects at once but still running at 60FPS (albeit with some screen tearing here and there but overall its smooth), there is no reason why PSP can’t do that with only 2 active moving objects, and not to mention the arena is small…
But anyway..I can’t deny that I enjoyed playing this game 😛

Hmm I’ll only go through with some screenshots of Saber Alter and Archer in Mission mode..
Mission mode, one of the remarkable and an unique game system/feature in Fate/Unlimited Code.
The player is challenged to beat some missions that require to follow a certain set of rules..

For example,
Technique, player are required to use some certain skill or means to beat the challenge.
Combination, player are required to follow the command to execute a series of chained combo to beat the challenge.
Damage, player are required to deal a certain damage without breaking the chained combo to beat the challenge.
Extra, lol some sort of mini games which is quite fun xD (Especially Saber Alter’s Baseballing Rider lol)

Below is me playing the Saber Alter – Damage 4 challenge. I need to deal 9000 damage without breaking the combo.






Saber Alter’s EX 約束された勝利の剣(エックスかリバー・モルガン) Excalibur Morgan
I’ve skip the initiative combos because I have no idea how do I screenshot while doing that lol.

“Eat this”


Pwned. 9.2k Damage, it’s almost an Insta-Gib combo lol. (Well if only you can execute this at real match then yeah -.-)

Archer’s mission – Damage 4




The most awesome scene, but sad that it didn’t lasts for even a second lol.

無限の剣舞! (Mugen no Kenbu, literally meaning Unlimited Dancing Blades)


Shiro : ZOMG





Pwned. Total of 8.8k damage. It’s kinda sad though, cause you have to chant 6 times (Each time cost you 1/3 of the magic gauge) and after that you need 3/3 magic gauge to UBW -.-

Hmm well, I played the arcade, the difficulty aren’t hard, in fact it’s very easy lol.
You won’t feel any challenges unless you play in Hard mode. (Which I find also not that hard comparing to PS2)

Another thing worth mentioning is that they simplified the command inputs, I take this as consideration because I guess they don’t want us to raep and break our PSP lol.
For PS2 they don’t care you reap and break the controller as it can be purchase separately, but for PSP, once broken, it’s dead lol.

Overall, it’s a good fighting game for PSP, albeit 30FPS, the gameplay are still considerably smooth. The graphics are stunning and impressive as well.
It’s a quick paced combo chaining oriented fighting game, so yeah your reflexes must be good and able to enter the command precisely, button mashing doesn’t works really well for this game 😛
I’d recommend this game to anyone, even if you are not a Fate fans or know nothing about it, you still should try it, it’s system are unique and fun.

Thanks for reading!

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