TFM Gathering at Rakuzen

Posted: 6月 8, 2009 カテゴリー: Random

As planned, we, the TFM had a small gathering at Rakuzen to have our lunch.
Woke up at 9am, but I sorta..switched the alarm off and woke up again at 10am..
I realize that, it’s kinda screwed because I suppose to meet makie at Monorail Bukit Bintang station at 11:30am, but if I go any later than 10.30am, I’ll for sure be late, cause yeah, our KTM (Not the well-known “KTM” lol) is always fuck late/delay.

Took a bath then immediately I asked my mom to fetch me to the nearest KTM station, and right after I closed the car’s door, loonsave called, he said, if you are to miss this train that he is currently on, I might have to wait another hour because apparently something is wrong with KTM (As usual). Well, seeing the time, 10.25am, I can’t make it, then my mom said she can fetch me to Sg. Wang, what a relieve -.-”
I asked loon to get off the train so my mom can fetch him along.

We arrived at Sg. Wang and met makie at around 11:20am and we thought we have to wait for makie, but he is already waiting us there.
ahfai, Exiled_Gundam (Though he is just here to pick up his “Bikini” from kev..lulz) and misao arrived after a while, then JC, hand taking the 2 DVDs I asked him to burn for meh (He took train so I appreciate it xD) and lastly..Squallie who parked his car at Time Square lol.

Anyway..We walked for around 10minutes and arrive at the restaurant Rakuzen..(We meet Haruji, Aiko and Integra on the way)
Didn’t took any pic of the interior of the restaurant though :/
Anyway, it looks very high-class heh, an excellent and clean environment =)

We sat on our booked table..And start looking at the menu.

20090607 029
ahfai, Taugeh (Kev), Aiko, Haruji, makie, loon, Valho and misao sits at the left table, and the remaining of us, me, Integra, Squallie, JC, Sichiri on the left table..
And as usual, Quazacolt, who will always be appearing 1 hour or so after the appointed time, Guki is following his car so…

20090607 001

Well, not much is listed on the menu, the menu is only 2 paged btw -_-”

20090607 003

20090607 011
JC 😀

20090607 016
I ordered…3 Kind of Temaki, Maki mono Assorted, and Sushi assorted for starter xD (But almost all the temaki karam-ed by the next table where Aiko

20090607 017
This plate of assorted sashimi definitely looks delicious..Squal favourite..
It’s very fresh, but at the last hour, the sashimi doesn’t taste as fresh as the first hour..Perhaps the restaurant had ran out of fresh one? :/
Still, we ate a lot of these lol.

20090607 019
Uncle Valho’s hand xD
And damn I think they karam-ed our Inari and Unagi Sushi as well >_>

20090607 043
This is Ebi Tempura..We ordered this the most LOL
Around 100++, give or take but I’m sure it’s over 100 lol
It’s one of the best food at the menu, highly recommended, the tempura is well fried, crunchy and crispy, and the prawn, very fresh too xD

20090607 035
This happens..Real quick soon after it’s served..And seriously how many of ours has been karam-ed by the next table -_-

20090607 024
This is called the カニマヨ (Kani Mayo, Crab Mayonnaise) Very the freaking delicious.

20090607 037
ソフトシェルクラブ (Soft Shell Crab), honest speaking, the best fried soft shell crab I’ve ever ate in my life.

Anyway, there are a few more photos of food in my flickr, if you wish to view them, click here

Best thing in this gathering? It has to be this..

That’s all for this I guess..It’s getting late and I have to wake up at 5.45am later for college >_<
Thanks for reading !

  1. leehg5925 より:

    Moe moe taugeh.

  2. Haruji より:

    Moe Moe TAUGEH~~~

  3. gukichan より:


    gosh… moe kev!

  4. razrig より:

    Ebi Tempura look delicious~~~~~~~ i’m hungry ~~~

  5. Quazacolt より:

    fuck censorship


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