Yet another boring Saturday

Posted: 6月 6, 2009 カテゴリー: Random

Alright last week failure has not put me off yet, I’m again, trying to snap figures under the sunsetting scene…
But this time, the model is Alter Senhime, mine..and a little fan service too ;P

It didn’t really turned out very well, I really need to find out whats the best setting under 30 sec or so, else, the sun is gone (Though I took more than 2 minutes..) -_-
I’ve taken a few test shots and they are really bad.. (Unless that you appreciate silhouette?)

Due to the noob-ness with sunsetting scene, I have really no time to move the figures or photograph it at another angle so bear with the same posture of the figure.. :/
And only two that I think is the best among all…

This is the first test shot, turns out to be real bad but if you like silhouette, I guess it’s..Okay? (Kinda sweet for a desktop wallpaper IMO)

Second one…You notice the shadow? Lol

I got at least one right..I hope -_-

This, underexposed but I kinda like it, the sun looks darn dramatic xD

Well, thats about it, Couldn’t do anything else cause the sky has already turned dark, completely -.-
I’m gonna do this

Thanks for viewing and reading =)
C&C on the photos are very much appreciated.

I’ll be writing again tomorrow again, Rakuzen! XD

  1. misao より:

    good luck on next trial, this should be a very hard assignment i think…keeping the sun and also bringing the details on your foreground object

    • Kuzuryu より:

      It sure is difficult but I suppose I’ll learn something eventually after I get this done properly…

      Thanks ;D


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