Hou Ren and Hou Zhi’s Birthday

Posted: 5月 25, 2009 カテゴリー: Random

First post, after making the blog and left it dead for so long lol.

I was invited to Hou Ren and Hou Zhi birthday party, I volunteered to be a photographer for the event but very unfortunenately I took only a few pictures, mostly indoor because the lighting out there was really bad, I didn’t bring the flash diffuser so..-_-


Anyway, the party was great, lot’s of people, considering the size of their house..It was a bit cramp heh. 

I’m not a very good photographer, so I actually don’t know what to do with the only-candle-as-light-source condition..So I did not shoot much photos at the open area.

Didn’t talked much during the party though, cause I don’t know most of the people there lol, and partially because I was playing with my camera so..



That’s the light source LOL

Hou Ren and his girlfriend 😀

Lee Hom and Brad Pitt (lol, Kelvin and Hou Zhi)



Mindreap -_- (Kok Loong vs Khai Hoong)

Kent Loon, The Thinker? (But he does looks cool in this photo, I’ll give you that xD)





Chun Sin with his Nikon D90 😀

Jocelyn with Nikon D90 (Chun Sin one lor of course..photographer wannabe xD)


Well if you wish to view them all, or in full size Click Here

To warp this up….!








Epic Drunktards lol

Thanks for reading and viewing, hope you guys enjoyed and again happy birthday to Hou Ren and Hou Zhi 🙂
Any comments on the pictures will be appreciated.

  1. Haruji より:


    Omigosh at two guys kissing each other =_=” LOLZ.

  2. lhz より:

    hhahaHAhaHaha i like the epic drunktards. memang tardo sial.

  3. Michelle より:

    good job awyong ^^ thank you

  4. Kuzuryu より:

    Haruji – Mindreap whut =P

    Hz – Memang epic lol, if only their face is red, that’d be perfect.

    Michelle – Welcome and Thank you =)



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