First cosplay photoshoot after a long hiatus.
Well, possibly the first and also the last photoshoot during this short stay back in Malaysia.

Testing..Testing. Lol.

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Posted: 8月 31, 2011 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

First post on 2011!

Posted: 1月 2, 2011 カテゴリー: Random

Happy New Year! Wish y’all have a great 2011 =)
I sorta miss Malaysia now :/
Mainly my room for my TV and 5.1 system lololol
Well, joke aside, I do miss a lot of stuffs and people, still, there is internet, Live Messenger, Facebook, TFM and etc that kept us connected everyday so it’s all good. Period.
(Power of Internet huh..)

Kay lol, haven’t been blogging for ages because I didn’t have any photos to blog about :X
Well Just came back from London last week, took some of photos 😀

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
The London Eye

PS: Somehow I couldn’t upload anything greater than 100kb to Flickr anymore, had to use MediaFire for now.
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Little updates…

Posted: 10月 19, 2010 カテゴリー: Uncategorized

For those who actually visited my blog frequently, thank you for the support and I’m really really sorry for the long stagnated blog.
I’m now in UK for my final year study, so, lotsa stuff to be done and did not really have time or mood to manage my blog.

Well, I guess I’ll do some little update here and some photos that I’ve took when I’m in UK will be posted frequently (I hope) in here.
No more cosplay photos though :/
Instead, You’ll now see a lot of sceneries 🙂
By all means I’m not a good photographer, more so I never really been into landscape/scenery photography therefore, you might just see something unpleasant so sorry in advance for that 😐
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[BRS] Yomi

Posted: 8月 17, 2010 カテゴリー: Cosplay Photography

IMU, nice place I must say =D


GAMP, a new event that was held in IMU, went there to…uhh..not really for photographing, just meeting up with friends I guess.

Thanks to Ryukku (As usual lol), I’ve managed to took a couple of photos xD (In only a small place, though I think it looks kind of nice)

Sort of my first attempt to make use of the surrounding area/environment in my composure..
Here goes..Nothing much though loool.
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Posted: 7月 5, 2010 カテゴリー: Event



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5th of July 2010

Posted: 7月 5, 2010 カテゴリー: Uncategorized

5th July 2010, today is my 21st Birthday.
Somehow things just got into my mind and I decided to write something.
Well I’m just gonna write what I had in my mind in the bus, and to remind myself of what great stuffs I have with me now.
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[E-P2] The Gathering 1/4 KOSMOS

Posted: 6月 28, 2010 カテゴリー: Figure

It’s been a while since the last figure photoshoot..Well got nothing better to do tonight so I thought I want to do a simple one.
With this new Micro 4/3 camera.


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